What is Capture?

Capture is a web app that assists sales people in their search for potential customers.

The Problem

Capture was broken. The app frustrated users. We had as many customer service calls about capture as we had users! We had a 3 month window to fix the usability issues and redesign the app.

My Role

  • Provide qualitative data to make informed, empathic design decisions for the redesign.
  • Perform usability testing on the current design to find user friction points.
  • Design mockups & prototype solutions.
  • Create the user interface and final visual design for our development team.

1. Problem + Process

I needed to reduce the time it takes for a user to find important data. I also wanted to provide visual cues, to help users complete their task. This is the process that took us there.

Understand the experience
Empathize with the user
Run usability tests
Design wireframes & mockups

2. Storyboard

The storyboard helps identify key moments in the experience of a salesperson’s customer search.

Salespeople need to find & organize customer info from the web, fast.
Sifting through information on a web page takes forever.
Organizing customers names, phone numbers, and emails are tedious.
Not to mention that a lot of contact info is old or incorrect.
This takes up a third of my day, but my job depends on it!
  • Gathering information can be slow, tedious and unproductive.
  • Salespeople depend on up-to-date data to ensure productivity and job security.
  • The biggest competitor to Capture is the pen.

3. Personas

Based on the storyboard we discovered more about our main user. We created a Persona named Nick. He kept us focused on user needs, and unnecessary features out.


  • Organizing his day better to make more time
  • Selling more, securing his job
  • A fast, simple solution aka no or little learning curve.


  • Looking for new customers is tedious and slow
  • Sales is performance based, how can he improve his productivity?

4. Key Jobs

We identified key tasks for each part of our persona’s journey. Empathizing with Nick brought us closer to the problems he faced and helped us propose better design solutions.


  • Search the web for new customers. Popular searches include website management pages and LinkedIn
  • Collect the customer information
  • Organize the information
  • Double check to make sure info is correct
  • Find missing information


  • App must only capture relevant data from a website
  • App must organize customer data by user needs
  • Must check data accuracy
  • Export customers for other apps or later use?

5. Usability Testing

User testing allowed us to see firsthand what pain points users were having with Capture.


  • 46% of users didnt know where to start a task, they spent time clicking buttons and finally giving up.
  • Finding important data was time consuming (up to 30 seconds)
  • 22% of users couldn’t open up Capture


  • RingLead provided training to customers that alleviated some of the most basic Capture issues.
  • Training was expensive
  • The user interface lacked organization and a clear task flow. The app was very data heavy too.

“I am on the Apple page, but I don’t see Capture. Am I supposed to click something?”

6. Competitive Analysis

I analyzed direct competitors in this space, looking at workflow, efficiency and features.

7. User Flow

Creating the user flow helped define the optimal path for users to complete their Capture tasks.

8. Wireframes

Iteration is key. Here’s a look at some earlier wireframes. We progressed through countless iterations, each solving a problem along the way.

9. User Interface & Visual Design

The final main screen and settings pages


The biggest issue was the lack of UX research. Who were Capture users? What was their process and how did they get sales leads before Capture? I knew what Capture did, but needed that story to fix the experience. I created surveys and held user interviews. I also created a Persona based on that research. I learned it’s the only way to make smart decisions around the user interface redesign.

Lastly I learned that education stakeholders is not an easy task. We had 2 CEOs, one was a technologist and the other came from sales. Each had different motivations, so I had to know how to present my ideas in ways they could grasp. Overall, I loved every minute of this experience as it taught me so much.

By the numbers:

  • We had a 723% increase in Capture usage amongst our user base.
  • We shortened the onboarding process by 15 minutes (now 45 minutes). This works out to $250 per customer.
  • We retained significantly more customers and have grown the customer base 345% month to month!

Customer Feedback is very positive. We have made a significant impact to usability, helped sales complete tasks faster and find information easier.