Who is Frontier Signal?

Frontier Signal is a startup based in NYC, headed up by Nelson Rockefeller. They use artificial intelligence to improve job outcomes.

The Goal

Dopamine was asked to create a job fit experience for job seekers and define what that experience looks like.

My Role

  • Create a brand style guide for Frontier Signal
  • UI Design & Visual Design; responsive web app, email templates, job fit reports, landing pages, data visualization
  • Meet accessibility standards WCAG 2.0
  • Assisted is various UX deliverables; competitive analysis, user flow wireframes & personas

Brand Style Guide

UX research revealed our main users to be college students near graduation and recent grads.

This is the millennial generation. It’s amazing that each generation has it’s own favorite colors! I did a lot of research around millennial color preferences. The brand we were creating needed to be trusting, professional, and a little “cool uncle, who tells you like it is”. I was also responsible for creating a palette that met modern accessibility standards.

01 Colors
02 Updated Logo Color
03 Typography

90% of competitor websites were using the same type style! I opted to not follow the crowd, choosing a slab serif for headings, expressing the brands unique “cool uncle” tone while retaining the professionalism and leadership FS is known for.